Our mission at First Kind Apparel, is to encourage you & others to pursue things that you LOVE, & MANIFEST your VISION into REALITY. Because that's what we are here to do! At the same time offering you high quality and comfortable apparel.

 First Kind Apparel, officially launched in 2020. The brand was created by Luke Hebditch, after he became passionate about Bodybuilding & the potential of self improvement.
By the age of 21, Luke felt like he was heading down a dark road, consisting of alcohol abuse, smoking & very poor diet, which didn't help his pre-exisiting depression. He was becoming more & more unhealthy, physically & mentally. He thought that getting his body in shape was the positive step to take, & it would also make him feel better, so he started doing so. This progressed to him having his own vision of being a great bodybuilder. Luke is currently continuing his bodybuilding journey & has come a long way. The message of First Kind Apparel to you, is a reminder that life has unlimited possibilities & everyone has a unique perception & ability, and overall something to offer the world. You just need to see your vision, before you can make it real...
You can follow Luke's Journey here:
(INSTAGRAM) @lukehebditch
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(Luke Hebditch 2019) testing out the first FKA Tank Top.